Massage Services

Cancer (Oncology) Massage

Massage is at the forefront in new treatment modalities for people living with cancer. Therapists must have extensive training to work safely and effectively with this patient population due to complex medical issues. With a background in nursing and specialized oncology massage training I am very aware and mindful of the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of clients at all stages of their cancer journey. Specific modalities include: Comfort Massage, Eastern Bodywork, Acupressure, Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. These treatments are suitable “from day 1”--at diagnosis, before surgery, during chemotherapy or radiation, recovery and survivorship.

Eastern Bodywork

Many of the techniques used in this modality derive from Eastern traditions with the use of reflexology, acupressure, specific point work and special blends of healing oils and application of warm rocks. The combination of these various techniques allows energy to flow throughout the body all the while supporting vital organs and other body systems and functions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

I use MLD primarily to reduce symptoms associated with Lymphedema (LE). With training in the Vodder Method for MLD I work mainly with those at risk for or are in early stages of LE. This treatment uses light, slow, rhythmic strokes that help increase lymphatic circulation and decrease excess fluid. I do not provide bandaging or recommend exercises.

Scar Work

Gentle release, cross fiber friction, and unrolling are just a few of the techniques to help with adhesions and fibrotic changes in scar tissue. Special, healing scar oil application is also used to restore movement, circulation and vitality to the affected area.

Restorative/Swedish Massage

In well and healthy clients, Swedish Massage affects the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue by manipulation to enhance function, improve circulation and promote well-being. With oncology clients a gentler, non-demanding technique is used and adjustments made depending on each client’s health concerns. This modality promotes relaxation and restoration and is excellent for any client but most especially for those living with cancer.