About Mary Peifer, RN, LMT

My strong interest in the human body and intellectual aptitude in its unique anatomy and complex physiology began long ago and joined forces to eventually propel me into a career in nursing. Building upon many years in the medical field I now have blended my nursing knowledge with an effective, healing, restorative application—massage therapy and bodywork!

Since 2006 I have been providing specialized services to those seeking relief from stress, pain, injury and illness (and most especially, clients with cancer) as a licensed massage therapist in Peoria, Illinois. In November 2010, I became a nationally certified graduate from the 400 hour Peregrine Institute for Oncology Massage Training program. This innovative training blessed me with a multitude of new skills and knowledge to work safely and effectively with persons experiencing cancer as well as those with many other health concerns and conditions.

My approach is integrative and holistic allowing for a wealth of treatment options and modalities to aid the body in its amazing capacity to heal. My intention for each individualized session is to promote feelings of overall restoration, relaxation and well-being. All relationships are based on mutuality, trust and respect. My goal is to enter into a partnership with every client with this at the heart of our work in attaining health and wellness in body, mind and spirit.